Photography from a higher level

Aerial Photography is an affordable, low altitude, aerial photography solution. Using the latest technology in remote controlled aircraft, along with hi-resolution photographic equipment  we provide - the highest quality images suitable for magazines, flyers, the internet or any other media.

What is low altitude aerial photography suited too? Construction for progress reporting and quantity surveying, landscape architechture, real estate, buildings, factories, golf courses, mines, lodges, hotels, damage assesment, insurance claims, sports events and functions

The applications for Aerial photography are endless...

Important Information

Important information you should know about remote controlled aerial photography and safety of people, before planning a shoot.  

There are a number of important points that should be known about remote controlled aircraft and aerial photography.

Safety is paramount and the following situations should be avoided.

  • Flying above people and moving vehicles
  • Flying in built up areas
  • Flying in windy conditions

Protective eyewear and headware is essential, and while we do everything possible to eliminate risk there are always factors that may lead to a failure and cause injury, which is why we are limited to flying under the conditions listed above.

Low altitude means below 100m, most aerial photography is conducted between 30 - 50m from ground level. The aircraft must remain in plain view of the operator. Aerial photography flights are usually 5 - 10 mins, and are more or less done by flying vertically from a point. Each angle of the subject is photographed from a different point by moving to a different base on the ground and flying vertically from there. This is safer than circling an area and shooting different angles